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Reviews for "Tower Stacker"

wtfis with the creepy music?

lol if you manage to get your tower high enough and drop one on purpose, you can scroll down the tower and forget how huge the first one frikin' was!

Needs improvement

Only one kind of gameplay does not make for a lot replay value.
The music was okay but I wish we could change it.
And it kinda wasn't original.
You know you used the same style in your other game.

It was eh

I liked your super staker game better, you should make a sequel to that

good game but...

I have some suggestions. First of all, some randomization with the pieces would be nice. Some triangles and circles would add a lot of variety and would be much more challenging that endless squares. This gets very repetitive. Also, if there were more shapes the ability to rotate or manipulate the shapes somehow would add some strategy and forward-thinking to the game. Overall and average game.


guys its not all that bad once it pauses you can see your mistakes nd do better although will be good to see everything fall