Reviews for "HSR: Drunk & Available"

im speechless

...literally! This was a long, but hilarious flash movie! keep up the good work!

oh god

i have seen my own future. and it is HSR: Drunk & Available.


I'm a big fan of Homestar Runner (Favorite character - Strong Bad) and I have to say that this is a really good parody. The animation was perfect and the voices sounded like the original voices like The Brothers Chaps did it and that's really amazing. Good flash and worth a favorite.

rating: 10/10
vote: 5/5

Had be rolling on the ground

Great voice impressions and animation. You nailed it. However, the best part of this animation is the writing. Pure Genius!

Hahaha... oh, shit...

Your Mario skit was hilarious...

I think I shat a little, sewiously.