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Reviews for "HSR: Drunk & Available"

H*R on Newgrounds

I thought it wasn't possible. Sounded just like Homestar. Besides from the sexual jokes I might have thought that this was from the Brothers Chaps themselves. I am a big H*R fan and I really liked this. Funny stuff from a funny guy.

~ Luigi Z

Good connection

I thought it was very good. With me seeing Homestar Runner before, I was able to easily connect with the character which made it much funnier. I also liked the use of the "Cold One" beer bottle, and the empty ones progressively building up on the floor. 8 out of 10 just because there could have been more movement and animation. Possibly more story as well.

Nice use of style, but...

Graphics and voice acting were totally great, that was pretty funny, but make not so much sense for me. I mean, just a character sittin' on sofa, drinkin' beer, minimum of animation, but at another ways, I'm totally agree with da' guys before me. Thanks for entertainin' dude. :3

3\5 7\10

Cheers! Good luck with your next flash. ;3

Oh yEa!

100% Awesome!


I'm a huge fan of homestar runner, and this was great! If this wasn't on newgrounds, I would have thought this was an actual episode from the website!

(aside from the ball jokes)