Reviews for "HSR: Drunk & Available"

So much awesome!

I love homestar runner, and whoever did the voice for him, hats off to you!


Dude that was classic home star runner hillarity , keep up the good work.


Very good movie. Looks exactly like the homestar runner movies and the jokes were extremely funny! now you only need to make fun fo strongbad's emails!

Dead on!

The graphics and voice acting were a perfect imitation of the Homestar Runner style. Honestly, if it weren't for the fact that this didn't feature Homestar as a drunk (something that would never happen with the Brothers Chaps in charge) I could have mistaken this for an official toon.

The humor was alright, but most of my score is for how outstanding the imitation of the style and voice were. Great work!


well, i kinda like it, pretty funny i guess.. but you could still get in trouble for this. the brothers chaps probably wouldn't appreciate a h*r toon not made by them, yet done in pretty much the exact same style, where he talks about weiners and his ballsack. just sayin'.