Reviews for "HSR: Drunk & Available"

That was

great. I think that, secretly, the chaps brothers are so excited that you did this. Like they're watching it, thinking, "wow, I wish we would have done this first" \

Loved it!

"No i dont want to cuddle with you, stupid mushrrom, i want the princess! get outta here!"

That was pretty funny! thanks!

LMFAO ~~~~~~~~~~~~

THT WAS FCKIN GOLDEN I LAUGHED SO HARD NICELY DONE SOON , animation was stolen graphics, so it was kinda like a sprite movie .... except i LMAO'd ahah niceeeee

oh wow

...yeah that's definitely not your typical h*r...but it's funny for sure!

I hope the Bros. Chaps don't get mad at you...

Haha, oh wow.

I liked when Bubs talked... was fairly accurate, along with everything else.
Very good production quality, too, it looked very, VERY much like something from HSR.
I guess I'd've liked to see any other character in it, if you want constructive critism about it, but for the style it was good with just the tip of strongbad's head and hand...

5'd and 10'd