Reviews for "NGHH - Emergency vs SKS"

Someone 9-1-1

SKS had some ok disses and imagery but flowed terribly. Best personal was the "another name switch" line.

Emergency had overall better build up and disses.

Ending with a freestyle was garbage, no lie.

Emergency ftw.


I should have done this voting as the battles came out instead of all at once.

So yeah, goin' with Emergency, SKS was a little stilted.


SKS stretched way too many syllables to try and fit the beat. At a faster tempo it might work (as was said by someone else). Emergency was a little off-beat in a few places, but overall his flow felt a lot better. SKS didn't seem like he could count to 16 bars - what was that? - and overall none of the punches were particularly great.

Emergency was much clearer and had better enunciation, probably due to having better equipment, so I won't hold that against SKS.

Overall, my vote goes to Emergency for this battle.

vote goes to emergency

verse 1 - candlestick up his ass? man I don't know.............

verse 2 - syllables don't work like that

verse 3 - shitting

verse 4 - turn the mic down

vote goes to emergency



Lyrics: Emergency
- "Sickest kid shitting"
Flow: Emergency
- SKS' flow would've been good on a faster beat.
Style: Emergency
- SKS' first line in his second verse made my ears bleed. XD