Reviews for "NGHH - Emergency vs SKS"

Emergency V1 - Slapping disses and filler are pretty lame. Candlestick line is awful. Flash, music, art is kind of poorly delivered. SKS is awful, you really could have dug up some dirt but you didn't. Damn you.

SKS V1 - Opener is surprisingly strong, flow is hilariously bad. Candlestick flip is kind of lame. Q-Sik line went over my head.

Emergency V2 - Off beat, off track is nice. A few weak monosyllabics. Queefing into a snorkle is surprisingly accurate. Smorg diss is good but you could have really maimed him if you'd made it a bit more witty.

SKS V2 - John Wilkes Booth flip is good. Flow gets worse if that were possible, very hard to understand. I only heard half of the verse. Finisher was terrible.

SKS came with some surprisingly funny lines, Emergency had some surprisingly bad lines. However, neither of these were notable enough to push the battle in SKS' favor so Emergency wins.

damn i love the beat rappers was kinda good but Emergency was way better

Jesus, Emergency had this all over the place after he finished his first verse. Sorry, SKS, but Emergency ran it

Dident even finish both sucked sorry to say it but both of you wont go far.

not very good, can't see either of you guys going very far. but when it came down to it Emergency was a lot better