Reviews for "NGHH - Emergency vs SKS"


ER clearly showed himself more comfortable than SKS on this battle and won by quite a lot of difference...
SKS sounded pretty sloppy and lacked good disses... His flow wasn't bad, nor was him, but there were some things he will have to improve.


I thought over all Emergency had the better punch lines.
I thought SKS was lacking on personal dises, and his overall dises were just the typical new grounds diss we hear all the time.

The flow of both rappers was pretty good, I liked Emergency's more.
This wasnt a bad track over all.

At the end, I think Emergency won this hands down. Period.

vote goes to emergency

verse 1 - candlestick up his ass? man I don't know.............

verse 2 - syllables don't work like that

verse 3 - shitting

verse 4 - turn the mic down

vote goes to emergency



Lyrics: Emergency
- "Sickest kid shitting"
Flow: Emergency
- SKS' flow would've been good on a faster beat.
Style: Emergency
- SKS' first line in his second verse made my ears bleed. XD


SKS stretched way too many syllables to try and fit the beat. At a faster tempo it might work (as was said by someone else). Emergency was a little off-beat in a few places, but overall his flow felt a lot better. SKS didn't seem like he could count to 16 bars - what was that? - and overall none of the punches were particularly great.

Emergency was much clearer and had better enunciation, probably due to having better equipment, so I won't hold that against SKS.

Overall, my vote goes to Emergency for this battle.