Reviews for "NGHH - Emergency vs SKS"


ER clearly showed himself more comfortable than SKS on this battle and won by quite a lot of difference...
SKS sounded pretty sloppy and lacked good disses... His flow wasn't bad, nor was him, but there were some things he will have to improve.


His flows were nice, and just came harder on the beat. Nice work both mc's


Emergency's swag ftw! SKS was just a lil bit too awkward sounding . GO MILK A COW WHITE BOI (Emergency)!


I thought over all Emergency had the better punch lines.
I thought SKS was lacking on personal dises, and his overall dises were just the typical new grounds diss we hear all the time.

The flow of both rappers was pretty good, I liked Emergency's more.
This wasnt a bad track over all.

At the end, I think Emergency won this hands down. Period.