Reviews for "The Zombie Survival"


it culd get betta the character shuld go faster and the charactr shuld hit faster ad wen dey shut him he should not show he is hurt and bite faster


it would be a LOT better if the characters were faster and you could turn the damn music down, god game as for the rest

Gameplay Too Simple


It's a nice concept, but the gameplay itself is too slow, and gets monotonous after a while.

I think more powerups, and more interaction with the environment would have been better. Perhaps have some underlings that you can summon or something like that.

Audio - The sounds are ok, nothing spectacular. The music composition is alright, but the loop breaks too hard.

Perhaps a second game would be more engaging.

-Ziro out.

bullshit theres 3 forms of zombies >_>

you take way too much damage from people with guns definately when theres two you pretty much dead

I hate getting double teamed

Getting shot shouldn't stop you feeding, and there should be an immediate bite, otherwise, you can't take down two shooters.