Reviews for "The Zombie Survival"

freaky zombie

Nice game. I like the whole becoming "bad zombie guy" ideas. Kinda gore but its alright. really enjoy playing this one.

A pretty well done piece.

Nice. It was very simple, but it is a minigame so that's to be expected. There's not any type of progression through the game but if you take this idea and work with it you could make an awesome top down action/survival game. Also, needs sound. But pretty decent work. I'll be looking for a sequel.

OMG>>>>it's fuckin' awesome.

OMG.this game kicks ass.action packed and explosive...i hope you make a version 2 of this game just like SONNY 2...hais,a pity SONNY 2 is taking such a fucking long time to come out.shit..anyway,nice game.XD

Good little game it was pretty fun

I love the concept of the game for a quick internet game :) i dont like the "wasd" being the only way to move im use to using the arrow keys and reversing it made it really confusing, BUT it was fun. I died pretty quickly but like i said it was pretty fun while it lasted keep it up :D!!

ok i was like

ok i was like wooooo a game i can b a zombie in woo hooo only to find out all i can do is eat people and nothing happens to thwm besides them dieing. i think u need to add a turn abilty or some thing so u have more zombie u could make it so eather the more zombies u have the more blood u need to keep them all alive or the more zombies u have the less blood cause there getting it for u