Reviews for "The Zombie Survival"


u could of made this an excellent game but it was just oure painful. U walk so slow. Zombies can run u know. To many glitches. Make a number 2 which is decent

ur a zombie

ill have to give u a 5 because of the glitches like trying to grab some 1 then u reach and trying to reach and then u hit
and ur a zombie and u cant turn other people into a zombie thats like having a cat that doesent meow :/


this game has a bad glitch whenever i grab someone right beside me when i use the pulling technique i grab nothing then they run away so i cant get them and when i eat someone and another guy attackes me i stop eating and the oponents health is reset put another version on this that fixes glitches and ill be happy

Really Good Game

At the first time playing, I really don't know about the mine, so you should add information about that on the Instructions menu, also for whirl on swamp.

It should be better if you add some feature, like grab some weapons, bomb, granades, blood bonuses and score bonuses, more enemies actions, types and movements will be great.

The human live indicators became useless when your blood is full, you really don't know the humans are dead or not if your blood meter is full, because your blood didn't increase. Maybe you should add the human blood meter to know human live or the human automatically dead after he/she run out the blood.

If you quit this game it should be better if not to back to intro, but back to main menu, just add intro button on the main menu.

Walking animations should be better, side scrolling and story mode will be great :P

Other than it's really good game, good for halloween, can't wait for another great games from the Author. :D

4/5 8/10

yeah was ok

it was alright but too boring and slow also i just randomly died so i dunno whats going on there. the concept was good though because your actually a zombie this time instead of a human and graphics were alright. could be better with some more work