Reviews for "The Zombie Survival"

"This game is...

killer. The graphics and controls are spot on and the audio fits the game like a glove. Zombies are slow. Anyhow, this game should fit right in with the contest and give other gamers a run for their money. Nice execution. Good luck on your next endevor..............vp

Nice try, but...

...the characters move too damn slow, so after a while it gets boring.

Read and review me plz

try to add making more zombies from the peoples you and infect and be able to get upgrades like a longer zombie hook and faster biteing and also Make a secound!


cool game indeed it would be better if you could run but zombies cant
every movie about zombies i saw they where al slow and dumb

I now it's a freaking zombie

but you couldn't get faster as you leveled up? Why not? Zombies run sometimes. The snail's pace of the game made it really boring, really fast.
If you could make it faster in some way, make it smoother and flow a little easier and it would be extremely enjoyable. I got bored around the first upgrade and then the uber slow walking made me a sitting duck for the machine gunners.