Reviews for "Flashburn - C + R Theme"


Dam I cant remeber its on the tip of my toungue nice song though! I love this song.

pretty good but i like pure origanl techno

its a remake of boom boom boom

-_-" Good try, but...

It has some nice beats into it, but it's too much into the real song, so its only a remake...

Don't get me wrong thou, but this is the worst u have done, im my opinion :)

btw... While u are @ it, u can check out my tunes :D

Vengaboys are back in town eh?

Nice little midi-like version of Boom Boom Boom by Vengaboys. Didn't think they were still in anyones playlists anymore. I remember listening to this all the time on old MC Mario CD's lol. Back before I got really into dance/trance.

You got a 9 on originality from me, which is rare PERIOD for the fact that this is the first time I heard of anyone remixing/remaking/midi-ing a Vengaboys song :p
You gave me quite a chuckle so I like you now! heh

Nice job lol.

Do I get 5's for getting the actual title/artist 100% correct? :p

Flashburn responds:

I guess Ill throw you a few because its been guessed already.. haha


I know this song.. BOOM BOOM BOOM I WANT YOU IN MY ROOM I WANT TO LOVE YOU FOREVER.... I want you in my room? is that the title?

Flashburn responds:

hahaha yep u got it