Reviews for "Flashburn - C + R Theme"


I love you! If you lived near me and I knew it, I'd go to your house and hug you and stuff! WHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


I liked it. Nice and cheery. It seems like now you have a set of trademark instruments (as i noticed many that come from previous songs of yours.) Im definitely not saying this is a bad thing, im just making an observation.

Id have to say this song is very different from your others, and was definitely fun to listen to. Cool effects by the way, I always love those.However, it did seem a bit empty. I cant really explain why, but it just felt that way.

Ill be sure to check out your flash as soon as possible.
And also, I made a new account as you can see. It would be great if you checked out my 2 new songs. Petwoip made a new song also if you are interested.

Flashburn responds:

oh Ill definetly get to checkin ur songs out.. Anyways, yes this song does feel empty but it is not really my style I kind of tailored it to fit with my flash. Thanks for checkin it out

Not bad at all!

I always enjoyed that song ("Boom Boom Boom Boom" by Vengaboys, btw), and the remake was rather interesting.

I had to lower your score in originality as this was not an original song, and you did not state the song as a Vengaboys remake. However, I still think it was good, and will definately include it in my collection of downloaded NG music.

Thanks for the submission!

Flashburn responds:

haha yep you are correct! But since you have no music I cannot five it! I will have to 5 your flash instead!