Reviews for "Flashburn - C + R Theme"

cool sound effects!

whoa sweet, its like a dance party music or something, sweet!


haha! vanga brothers! YOU RULE MAN! its even better without that old guy dancin in front of the bus for six flags eh? "hey now hey now heres what i say now..." personally you should remix a lot more songs like this one and im positive ud make it sound alot better

I hate this track :O

Although I may hate it. Im not going to give you a bad review, It's really clear, and that's pretty good. I remember my uncle listened to this crap alot :O

It's clear, unless you jacked it from someone, you must of put a fair ammount of effort into it.
so i guess good-job.
I think it's that vega-somethin song or somethin
I would assume the title is "Boom boom boom"


lol that was really funny man

here with them cookies :)

i think its boom boom by N-TYCE(googled up with a few shards of the lyric i still remembered>_<)
5's blng 2 me :D and do i smell some fresh cookies?
meh,didn't really like the song itself, though this makes it way better, the key songs are still one of the music that i like to listen most to ^^