Reviews for "Flashburn - C + R Theme"

i know this song

as soon as i turned this on i thought "i know this song". it is currently my ringtone. you rock.

Barbie Girl

Man, I was like "Hmmm, I know that song." Then when i read you're description, i knew. Haha, it's a nice remix. You've insipred me to get off my ass and continue mixing.

venga boys boom boom

the song is in the title and well sorry bout the lo grade cuz its not rele oyu onw real work tho i understand what u did with it umm but yeah xpect way better reviews for ur other music

Flashburn responds:

umm well actually it is my own real work... its a remake

yay its the vengaboys

what do i win

Oh snap!

Holy crap, I actually laughed when I heard the first few notes on this one.

A remake of a Vengaboys song definitely deserves a PERFECT score.

Again, LOL.