Reviews for "A Pwanchi Halloween"


Animation: still a little quarky butit works
Sound: excellent
Artwork: pretty detailed with the backgrounds and everything.
Storyline: doesnt bad things like this usually happen to either assholes or people who are trespassing on a burial ground or something? Either way it was certainly creepy.

Overall: a nice submission to the halloween collection in my opinion.

haha nice

u know this reminds me
i still don't know what i'm gonna be for Halloween -_-'

cyotecody555 responds:



great flash funny stuff.

Hey Logan

Really good flash, I forgot you were 15, if I was producing stuff like this at your age I'd problably be a pretty good flash artist right about now. Ozzie artist on Newgrounds have a very particualar, stern style to their flashes, so can you mix it up with the Amercan style of this flash if possible?

Either way, I was entertained. Nothing new here of note was achieved, however the red faces were actually truly terrifying, and I really commend the mirror imagery you achieved, this was extremely good, I was entertained. 7/10, 4/5.

cyotecody555 responds:

uh..........what do you mean by american style?
btw this is Logan's friend Cody =D

Pretty good.

Although the animation and artwork was kinda weird I liked it. The voice acting was splended but I think you should get a new mic 0_< but apart from that it was cool and it made me laugh when he tried to shoot at the ghosts. I can see you didn't hold back on your submission this year.


cyotecody555 responds:

Thanks alot ;)