Reviews for "A Pwanchi Halloween"

This was actually really good

This was a really good flash, it looses a point for the animation but aside from that I loved it. It had really good directing, the shot's used really helped atension, sometimes a flash can be really well animated but that shot's are long and boring boring, the shot's here were awesome and so was the story, it was original and even though it didn't really explain what the things were I felt that it was complete.

A little funnier than scary, but still decent!

I'm not sure what you guys were going for with this movie, but I got more of a funnier view than a scary one. The artwork was basic and neat, but didn't really give weight to the creepiness of the movie. What I expect in a scary movie is a dark ambiance complimented with dark colors to give an eerie tension. However, you guys had some pretty bright and playful colors.

Don't get me wrong, colors like that can be used to put the viewer into a false state of alarm, but in this case I think darker colors would've worked best because I thought you guys went for a more creepy feeling. Anyways, I enjoyed the shading and little detail you put into some things such as the fan moving in the background, the light the lamp gives over the furniture, and even the fish in the tank.

The sound and music were alright, but I sometimes had problems with the speaking parts. The dialogue would move in and out of volume and sometimes didn't match the mouthing parts and that distracted me from the movie.

The animations were pretty nice, and the fact that the "Pwanchi kids" didn't move that much, gave them more spooky characteristics of a ghost. So in conclusion, the movie kept me entertained all the way through.

cyotecody555 responds:

Awesome review and yeah the colors of the stuff never occurred to me before :O
Yeah I probably should've made it more dark brownish or somethin

and By the way, How was it funny? :O


this flash is rockn.

Very Good

Good job really creepy...yeah...


still too cute to be too scary, needs a little humor to compliment the art.