Reviews for "A Pwanchi Halloween"


That was really good

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Cool i licked it

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good =D


That was funny and weird at the same time :D

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HAHA yeah I find the screaming at the end hilarious probably cus it was my brother and I was right next to him as he recorded it

Very good!

Great storyline for one, evidently well written. The voice acting was great, especially the ending bit, wasn't to loud or quiet or with some sort of effect on it. The animation was smooth and worked well however I thought the man's lip sync didn't seem right, so if you ever wanted to fix my nit-pick with it, would be great, but as it stands it's an excellent flash animation, well done.

Perhaps the next Alfred Hitchcock...of flash!

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Thanks for the review :D

Cocky little freaks?!?!?!?!?

This flash causes gorillas to pound there chests in the jungle because it rocks the socks off of foxes!!

It is pretty awesome.

Nice graphics, awesome sound. Good voice acting...... Yeah, that's right !!

The Pwanchi face is going to be famous.......

A Pwanchi Halloween Rules!! Now we need Pwanchi merchadise!!