Reviews for "A Pwanchi Halloween"

very good!!

this was a nice original flash good job!


That was some creepy stuff!!!

good job

that was prity good could you answer me this thou where they real or his twisted mind staring back at him?

cyotecody555 responds:

nah they were real, actually I'm not sure, I never thought about it XD

yeah that was pretty creepy

right on.

that was actually really good

I was honestly expecting less, I was soooo worng. This was so classic(especially at the end) A guy wh lives out in the middle of nowhere(where no one can here you scream!!! XD) giving candy to "inoccent children". btw way, I love the masks you gave the real kids, GO ZELDA!!! anyways, great flash man.

cyotecody555 responds:

Yeah Zelda sure is awesome
glad you liked it :)