Reviews for "Warfare: 1917"

This game kicks so much ass

It's rare to see a WWI game, this would be ten times better if it was online play

Great game!

This is a great game. I only lost once and that was when i got the tank, I didnt use the tank first and i didnt get to use it that round at all. You did a good job overall. I only saw one small glitch, when i "combined" my grenader troops or w/e and one was slightly faster than the others and it jumped over a trench before the others did. It didnt affect the game at all except for the fact that that one troop was a little higher than the others. I think you should make a WWII, a modern era, and a future era game. In the modern and future one you should make helicopters or planes or something. 10/10 5/5!!!




This game is epic, everthing about it was good. The tanks kill the game a bit towards the end and I think that artillery should have very little effect againt entrenched troops because in WW1 they were very ineffective. But overall a very good game, good gameplay, good graphics, good action, good ways in which people die, good realism, good sound effects. Well done.

great game

its good the the easiest way is to just put 2 tank and then use mortars and other special abilities then vigtory is infront of ur face. good game still