Reviews for "Warfare: 1917"


One of the best games I've seen on newgrounds in a while! so good in fact I finally signed up for an account to leave a review! I would LOVE to see a sequel and/or this game made longer. I love the custom battles as well, lets you create your own personal challenge. Keep up the good work!

This was a very fun game.

It has its corks, But very fun non the less!

THE GAME WAS AWSOME this is my number 1

you made a real game if they created a game like this on like xbox ILL BUY IT its that good


This game was very fun, the last mission was pretty hard though.

If I had a penny

For every game I played like this, I would be dirt poor and living with my uncle joe who currently lives in a box. Bravo to that because that is what the entertainment world needs originality. Make more maybe some with air strikes, and more soldier choices.