Reviews for "Warfare: 1917"

best WWI game ever!!!

make a sequel dude


Definitely, by far, uncontested, one of the best flash games I have ever played. it was very enjoyable.
Only thing I would add... Is maybe a lengthier campaign, and a few more supports and other things.

Great game!; Unusual WWI subject matter.

The troops do surrender rather easily, but the main thing is to take trenches and enemy territory. Try to have at least 2 tanks always on the battlefield. Use the gas to take out large concentrations of troops, but use first the anti-tank artillery and mortars to take out the enemy armor (make sure it doesn't get yours, though at times it happens). It seems that tanks are imprevious to gas attacks.

Always leave machine gun teams in your trenches, and keep them moving as you advance to the next one. Assault teams are the way to go, but regular infantry is deployed quicker. However, when morale is way too low, call regular infantry; it boosts morale.

It gets frustrating in the final stages, but you can beat it, and then you get to access the 'CUSTOM BATTLE' option which is pretty cool, and you can play either side, as well as set up the battle conditions (number of trenches, wire, gas, artillery, mortar, officers, tanks, etc.

Superb Strategic Game Dude!

This is just great! I love games that take some thought, or strategy, and this has me filled for the day! ^-^
There is one thing buggin' me though...

1: Why the low amount of units to be able to use?

And one, or two things I just want to suggest...

2: Air-craft anyone? I know I know... There are "artillery" and "air strikes" but nothing in the sort of the actual thing...

3: Maybe some kind of defencive mesures other than just air strikes and units... Like the mines in that level... Or the ability to fortify the trenches for less chance of death in em'?

Any ways, great game, hope to see more, and Con-Artist, you're rather just an artist than a con, for you are the real thing!



I've reviewed this in the past I gave it rave review. But now we have a problem. If you want to play the German Campaign you have to go to Armored Games. But this game is no longer hosted there. You find it you click on it. And nothing happens. Not good Con Man, Not Good At All.