Reviews for "Warfare: 1917"

Pretty nifty!

Now to make a Multiplayer version :)


real world old wars that my style,i loved it con you're the best,i had things in mind but you said you had ideas so what can i say i just want to see them in this new series witch looked amazing. I finished it and played a skirmish game its very very fun and its a good thing to do when bored.i would like to see one of these in the ww2 would be really nice and fun.but i didn't like where the fire support hits and that there ware few units. but i am not going to get 1 point out of this amazing game just because of this bullshit man its ww1 things has just started but whats left in me now is only curiosity and happiness .very well done con i hope and i am waiting patiently the sequel good luck on your new series man!

My favorite strategy game

So far, this has been my favorite strategy game. Partly because it is based of one of my favorite interests. But also because there's a lot you can do. The graphics were good, the upgrades were reasonable, and the gameplay was tense.

Great work.

loved every minute of the game

i just loved this game it is awsome graphs are good sonds is great and the bodys flying is classic i love it make more please i was germans and i went 9 and 0 with 7 take overs and 2 surrenders GERMANS KICK ASS now for the brits

Right on

Another great game by the con-artists, though Iwished the tanks were a bit faster, lol X)