Reviews for "Swords and Sandals 3:Solo"

friggin frackin amazing

curse u swords and sandals for not being free and stealing hours of my life i cant get enough swords and sandals



Awesome game. One thing though.

The Swords and Sandals series just gets better and better. The graphics, the sounds, the weapons, all great. I really enjoy playing this game, but I found one error: Sometimes, after winning a battle, it displays the name of the defeated gladiator as a bizarre mixture of both gladiators names.

Good luck on your next game!

you need to fix barret

i really really like these sword and sandles games its fun but when i put on the barret i was like cool after a while i took it off then i went bald

Awsome,Fantastic,Super cool

Its a awsome game and is fun to play.It made me play for hours