Reviews for "Swords and Sandals 3:Solo"


except for the paying fact all around good game!


The music is awesome.

The game cheats

Why is it that a level 10 arena boss can wield weapons that it says the minimum level required is 31 when I can't? Yeah, that's called cheating. Also, if you released full versions of these games for free you'd be one of the most popular people on newgrounds or even THE ENTIRE INTERNET. But no, you chose money instead and therefore I have no respect for you -TheVille

best gladiator game of all time

This game rocks! I would definitely wanna buy it!

mixed feelings

As much as I do love this installment of Swords and Sandals,
I can't see me ever paying for it, Not to knock because it's flash,
But I would not pay for a game unless it was absolutely 100% worth it,
And while Swords and sandals is an awesome game,
you can find games of equal and better value (flash included) for free.

So good luck, but I won't pay for your game.