Reviews for "Swords and Sandals 3:Solo"

i shout then i beat people sometimes

how did i kill someone by shouting at them?

"Swords and Sandals" is a great saga to destroy it with marketing of Fizzy. I understand you make this games for a living but I would like to see the full version for FREE. I will try to don`t download the Swords and Sandals Full Version on any download pages.

Wow, why is everyone in the comments bitching? This game is fun and the challenge of fighting the bosses is part of what makes the game fun. Really great game with tons of content, I recommend buying the whole thing.. or you know, googleing it.

Just note your score will be effected by the fact this is just a demo, it is a good game just not worth spending my extremely limited money on as it has too many flaws.
1. The enemy bosses can equip items that are higher then their levels.
2. The enemy bosses are cheap (The undead one actually took down my FULL LIFE BAR even though I had full armor also)
3. The cutoff for when you HAVE to challenge a boss to keep leveling up shouldnt exist (Let me level up and decide when I face the boss, although I do like how I can keep making money for better equipment which is essential)
Although you did address the flaws with the other titles (Namely death isnt the end of your game and you dont lose progress which are steps in the right direction) but the fact that it's not the full game and the flaws keep it from being purchase worthy means it's stars will be limited to three.