Reviews for "Swords and Sandals 3:Solo"

This is fantastic!

I love this game, the previous installments are nothing compare to this one. The world has expanded (which has introduced a few new oppertunites, and a couple new wepons). The graphics are beautiful and the gladiators are smarter, faster and stronger (which adds to the excitement and the challenge). Swords and Sandals 3: Solo Ultratus is awesome.


Music is epic on this game :P


its the best game for me


Woooow excellent music intro wats the name of the song?
and stiil good game 8D.

its cool and awesome 9 stars for everything

the characters are better built, the KARMA system is fun to use, the new vendors and gear, gear rarity, champion battles are better, and best of all... guitars... but that only ='s 9.75 if it had a clockwork character like in multi ultratus id like it more so 9.75 in otherwords 10 great work dude great work...... hey, wanna hear the most annoying sound int the world? of course you dont... OR DO YOU ?!?! probably not so anyways... awesome work sprinkles with awesome sauce... epic spices... and even a few TROLOLO moments.