Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

OMG (bug, glitch, wtf, wth)

OMG man.. I was making the best madness scene out there and the thing just went back to the proceed screen :( too bad.... lol, I was making an awesome spiked haircut with the blood.. and it took me like hours, so I think it just restarts after X times the music plays... So plz check that, and.. Oh, I ran out of spikey blood for the awesome hair xD dammit..
...great work btw.. ^__^

nono, Awesome work*

F1Krazy responds:

It's not a glitch...I dunno how to make the game stop infinitely, so after 16 mniutes it'll restart. It helps to stop people becoming addicted to the game and spending hours and hours playing it :P

This was perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!

adding anything else would be...........MADNESS!

F1Krazy responds:


i like but how do u play the scene

the scene wont work how do i play it what do i press or do


good work. you should add more weapons and blood, but still its awesome

Off the hooks!!!

Dude this is like so popular seeing that it got frontpage dude you are awsoe thanks for making it! WOOOOOOOOOT