Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

I have a suggestion and a goot one i think

Games great, one scene is enough, there are enough stuff to do but heres a suggestion or two, you could let a player put something in the background, for instance i wanted to thrust a sword through a zombies head, but the head was in the background and the sword was staying on him, so it wasnt really like going through more like slashing, and besides this you could give a player the command to alter the size with some of the things your working with, anywys great game:)

A mini animator or print thing.

To let us animate our little murder scenes or print em out, or a save button. A good game.


the only thing i can say is make the screen bigger for more madness!


this is awesome, but after i played 4 like 10minutes, the game restarted :/

hey dude

are u making the next one yet?