Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

ns man

but can u like make the gun can rotate?

F1Krazy responds:

Yeah, you can make the guns rotate as well.


Awesome! even better than the first 2 but still needs

Muzzle flashes
Shell casings
MOAR BLOOD (maybe a blood tool for just spraying it whereever)
Different sprites
Ability to "layer" ( I kept trying to make it look like people had swords throguh them or blood splatters on them, but it didn't work very well)
Bigger area to put stuff in (You can only fit 6 people max before it gets real confusing)
A mute button (music was good but got annoying after the first loop)
Maybe some unlockables?

Im sure youve heard most of these before but I liked it, and I'd hate to see your series end here.

F1Krazy responds:

Muzzle flashes-will be added
Shell casings-may be added, they might be too smal to click on
MOAR BLOOD-maybe I'll increase the number of layers
Different sprites-dunno what you mean
Layering-I'll try (particularly the sword thing, that's really annoying)
Bigger area-maybe
A mute button-probably not, but there will be a choice of music
Unlockables-sure, why not? Maybe Hank and Jebus will be unlockables >:D

Nice game

It would be really cool if you could animate it just a suggestion anyway nice game

hank in there plz

i want hank in there plz add him in the game plz i beg you on my knees

o and 10 stars for more guns rotate and blood and gore


best madness scene creator ive seen so far. good job, cant wait for next one.