Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"

do u know

that madness 2010 is oming soon :)

one thing.....

y do the hands ocerlpa evry thing like im tryin to get the triger hand wer u see the fingers to be behind the guns but it wont work


good man very good but thers 1 bug the silencd gun pointing to the left thrs only one plZ fix k

F1Krazy responds:

Is there? I've made a lot of bug fixes for MMSC4, I can't remember if that's one of them...lemme check...

Just read below.

I don't know any other madness scene creators with the rotation system in it. That was very useful for me and thank you. By the way, EPIC GAME!!!


well i love this thanks for bullet holes i needed that anyways it is fuckin perfect

F1Krazy responds:

Is that so?