Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"


hmmm, its OK, but theres a few things that despeatly need fixing.

- there needs to be an option to delete objects.
- why is my Madness dude holding a gun in his left hand and its going round the right side of his head, im thinking a layering option... (hold 'pluss' or 'minus' symbols then click, its an idea)
- a variety of music, cuz that tune is gaiii.
- a variety of backgrounds and scenes, maybe the newgrounds office?
- eastereggs would be nice.
- who gives a fuck about sprites, make some of your own weapons.
- get rid of that text to the left, instead put an option button (like most games do)
- more weapons, it might seem like there isnt any room, but there are these new things called scollbars.
- yes there are bugs, my music stopped (thank god)
- quality options would be nice.
- its too bold and boring, brighten it up a bit
- the layout looks like it was drawn in paint, so make an effort.
- you can tell you hadnt drawn anything here, well except maybe the layout.

I would seriously consider looking at some of the better dress up games before making another.

this game is good, i just dont realise how it made front page.
nevermind top game.

esta bueno

esta bueno este juego pero agregale las manos zombies y mas armas y objetos y esenarios y personajesy mas ropa para hacer el personajes

F1Krazy responds:

Usted debe comprobar fuera de la locura Escena Creator 4, que fija la mayoría de los problemas que usted menciona.

(lo siento si esto es incorrecto español, he usado Google Translate)

It was ok but add more things

1. Jebus isn't in it.
2. There's not enough blood effects or chopped body's.
3. The body's look kind of weird.
4. There is only one room to choose from.
5. Wheres the zombie sheriff and his hat?
6. It doesn't have any boxes or props.
7. Needs zombie hands.

ADD THESE THINGS TO IT THE GAME IT SELF IS BORING...............................

Regular old scene creator, really.

I like this game but it's not the greatest thing but hey! the creators atleast tried to make it good! i would like hank,jesus and zombie hands but i think it's okay i can live without any of the things i said.