Reviews for "Madness Scene Creator 3"


bigger but that is awsome wow neeeds more guns,space andpeople

nice game

fun but needs more blood but still good game away....make more hank firgures=]
and more clown/savior etc and add the flaming guy(i cant spell his name and i want to make this review perfect)


that was cool nice job

Needs zombie hands(Joke)

I'll try to review it.
The good things:
1)The variety of objects you can use to create a scene, it does lack some things here and there ( Excluding zombie hands =p), but they're enough.

2) The pleasure to make a scene is big in this game/scene creator, you delivered pretty well.

3) Detail; It does not lack any details, at all, just like madness.

4) Soundtrack ; It never gets old , and it's great.

the bad things;
1) Lack of backrounds; Next time.. Please have more backrounds.

2) Rotation; I'm fine with it, but it's annoying ( Why not just hold it and press left or right?

My conclussion: This is probably the greatest scene creator of newgrounds, with the ability to rotate and many objects to chose from, except the fact that it lacks backgrounds and the annoying rotation mechanic, it's great, must-play/create scene for the scene creator lovers out there.



This is the best secne creator game is the best and its kool how u made it rotate and god work on doing this

F1Krazy responds:

Glad to see you liked it.

Not sure it's god work though...lol jk, I know what you meant.