Reviews for "Madness Madnified"

Nice work!

That was great! It was a good take on madness, and it was a good take of animator vs animation in some parts!
I only gave it 9 (5) though because the voices reminded me of the clock crew.....which i hate. Apart from that though, it was awesome.


Lol, that was a good tribute to Tom and Krinkels. Very funny, each scene was well done. :]

not bad

i thouth i was the only one who noticed that sword swap >.<
still pretty nice.


i liked this film but 1 of those commersial is from norway and its mean eat poop lol


why did you give them clock voices? anyways great movie

MarcyVF responds:

Because they sort of got inside the computer and to show that even more we added digital voices from the PC. It's not really clock voices it's a program in Windows. Thanks anyways!