Reviews for "Madness Madnified"

Made of awesome.

That was a really good madness tribute; all those different shots of Krinkels' face made me laugh. And the Angry Faic was a nice touch as well. Good job.


Very well done man. The only thing I noticed was most of the "Victims" didn't do much to fight back against Tom. The movie still rocked though.

MarcyVF responds:

I see your point. Thanks for the feedback.


I loved the angry faic. great idea on that.
The alternate ending was pretty cool too.

The only thing i would comment on is that the victims didn't really fight back at all. Maybe change that for your next movie

Weirdly Acceptable

This was a pretty gud flash. It still lacked things tho, like how the people just stood around waiting 4 Fulp. Plez be better with ur physics, 2. A magnet with that kind of power wud have dragged the gun away from Fulp as he threw it, or it would have dragged Fulp along with it. Other than that it was pretty good.

Great, but...

great flash. 8/10 because yo kill krinkles.