Reviews for "Madness Madnified"


For some reason it won't let me play it, its something wrong with the preloader, the loading bar keeps dissapearing! Please try and figure out this problem!

MarcyVF responds:

FIXED! (Thanks for telling us.)

>:( grrrrrrr!

I expected better from both of you. really the jpeg heads and generated voices made it look like a clock crew movie. plus you killed krinkells! OMG thats mean. to base a tribute around the death of the creator!....Not cool.


Im sorry to say that, but imo this Movie was pretty lame/boring!

Sry ibut i really got sleepy watching this!
Tha Grafix and sounds was okay!

the enemy i...krinkels..and he..just kill him ...this is krnkels? krinkels? ....krinkels?! ..krinkels!!!!!!!
jand hes dead.....just sucher sad thing

kinda stupid

the altenate ending was cool but the movie was really stupid.