Reviews for "Madness Madnified"

Holy Sfw.file!

That was a pretty sweet movie guys!
And I see you like the Sydnie font too! :3
You 2 are awesome flash makers and keep doing what you do!

MarcyVF responds:

:D Thanks, Muffin! We'll keep doing what we do :) Be sure.

oh my god!

that was amaising, i was gutting myself half the time i was watching that, its only a matter of time before this goes to the front page with an award, i gotta say im surprised krinkles didnt use his uber clown rape power, ya shoulda done that as the alterante ending :D, as ive said this was a great flash, the animation was really smooth, the sound effects fitted and the dialogue n storyline were both hilarious.

please for the love of god, jebus, tom, and krinkles... make more


I caught that Mario homage, sweet.


Hah! This flash was amazing. You should seriously make a sequel.

Lol'd a lot

The best part is where tom says : come on pal, give me a hug..... JUST KIDDING! *pushes Krinkels*

This was very good... maybe a sequel, because i wanted to see if Tom can get out of the Madness universe ^_^.