Reviews for "FrameByFrame"

Hah! I saw pot!

Busted. .... well anyway.. I thought making a flip book took a long time. That was some amazing stuff... and I honestly haven't seen a good frame by frame in over a year.
It was drawn very well, had smooth transitions, It was random...... Very well done.

HP MOUSE DRAWING!!! ARE YOU CRAZY!? (more kudos for difficulty)

great! 10/10

i really like to see this kind of thing, but there arent too many people making these anymore
(well, not that i know of)

5/5 10/10

The Pacman bit made me giggle. ^^ This is a really nice piece of work you have here. Love the transitions from one concept to another.

You are a genius

It was random, yet all made complete sense in some strange way.
This is truly amazing, I can watch it over and over and see something new each time. Great job!
Oh, remind me to watch this next time I'm stoned...


I'm at a total loss of words,
that was just marvelous.

No, i'm not being sarcastic;
you pulled this off very well.
Great job. :]