Reviews for "FrameByFrame"

Best flash on NG.

This is by far the best flash i have ever seen. This even beats Bitey and co. 5/5 and 10/10! Btw, i made a little (bad) tribute to ya!http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/v iew/460632


That was sick man really liked your work. I knew at the bigining it was createve but i see you also had some help from our friend Mary.Hope to see more!


That was just awesome. You have serious skills obviously. Great job man!

Raised score by 0.01 lol

That was smooth as silk, dude. I was making one myself after I first learned how to use Flash. Using the mouse was just frustrating and fruitless. Major props, man.


The quality of the lines is very detailed and amazing! I like that this isn't all out loud and in your face in terms of both visuals and sound. It has carefully worked, intricate items and I can see that care has been given to each individual frame. Very cool 3D star animation! I liked the train a lot as well. You also seem to have a great idea of how water physics work... way cool!