Reviews for "FrameByFrame"

nice stuff you got there,matey

and i think its great.douze points

Wonderful !

This animation is really good !!


Fantastically smooth animation - it was like a dream. And I don't mean that to sound gay at all (hey, at least I'm not advertising some sh*tty MMORPG)!

I thought it was amazing, and I hope you continue to make these!


Literally the FIRST morphinh video I've seen that I've actually enjoyed to watch and wanted to see what came next in the sequence!!!

Would have been even funner to watch if I was either a) really really tierd, or b) imensly high LOL



Impressive, some how I couldn't wait to see what was formed next in the animation, bravo Bark0d3 I vote 5 for it and give you 10/10

Btw love the music in the background

~Keep up the amazing work~