Reviews for "FrameByFrame"

Excellent!Long live REAL animation!

Even tho I, myself can't do a FBF that looks worth shit to save my life, I know that
it's the hardest and most time-consuming type of flash animation.It's the kind that
started it all, not just for flash of course, but period.This particular animation was
really amazing, both in skill and in creativity, Pac-Man 7 the ghost turning into a train.
I mean seriously, that's some random stuff there.Makes it awesome.5/5!

Oh my

the good stuff


The part with the falling dice Pwned Butt Monk Ball!

Dont expect that to ever make sence ^^^^^^^^^^^^

Very creative!

this was really entertaining to watch. i'm gonna reccomend it for EXPERIMENTAL COLLECTION right now!

Nice job!

This piece had a very fluid quality, and I thoroughly enjoyed the music. Everything was very smooth and supple, but had some sort of command as if to say, "Watch me. I am beautiful."