Reviews for "Best Friends Forever 2"


Why the hell did you make Ctrl the restart button when you have to use shift so often in the game? Epic fail.

sweet game

a good all around game my favorite level was the one where you jump in the fan to get over the water

Easy & Boring!

It was a decent game! I played for like 10 levels and then quit. The reason for this was that there seemed to be no huge difficulty ramp and the game was really easy to play. There was no real challenge.

The graphics were all right and the animation was smooth. You get a plus for that. The audio was not good. The microphone buzz or whatever is annoying. It could use some work.

Anyhow! It was allright. You get a 7. End of story!

I played the first game... and finished it...

But stopped this one at the second level. First glitch found:

When you put a bolder near the lower side of a ledge, and you try to get between the boulder and the ledge, your character will disappear forever.

O.o kthx


maybe there's a glitch on a second level so that the boulder or even yourself is unable to push the button in order to make the spikes disappear...

btw really fantastic game, i enjoyed it a lot!