Reviews for "Best Friends Forever 2"


good but when i went to map editor it doesnt work u should give instructions how yo use it for those that dont know where editor is its under the play button u have to go to the website but oh well its a good game


Eh... Maybe NG glitched out becauuse their hats looks like... nevermind...


good game but they had no arms how did they climb ladders?

Let me start by just saying....

good game overall, reminds me alot of the lost vikings series, except, yknow without vikings.
The gameplay itself is very similar to the lost vikings except the lack of attacks.
The graphics are decent, nothing amazing but definitely not bad.
The characters were colourful and fun, I enjoyed listening to them, even on the tutorial stages.
Overall this game isn't BAD and it isn't GREAT I'd say in my honest opinion that it is average for what is expected in a flash game nowadays.
Keep up the good work and show me something special next time.



it was a good game, had a nice simple concept

however, the characters moved fairly slowly, the game was getting boring because the pace was so slow..

next game you make, work on the speed and the pace