Reviews for "Best Friends Forever 2"


i thought it was a fun game
and a great concept but you could have picked a better button besides the shift key could`t you but all in all that is really a small complaint because i love this game
(thumbs up)

Pretty good, but...

The game got boring really quickly. It's a really good concept though. Other than that, good game.

I enjoyed it, creative ideas

Yet, I did lose interest quickly. I do think you have a good idea on your hands here, perhaps it just wasn't my type of game or I just had a hard time continuing with the gameplay. Either way, good job, you have a nice idea workin' for you there. Keep it up!

No arms

It had enough playability until like level 5 then I got real bored so I chopped off my own arms to see if I could get through a cave.

Stop....stop moving...Nooooo!

Well If I hold a directional button for a duration then let it go, the character would keep on going and going and going in that direction for a while and doesn't stop. I find it weird and I keep dying because of it. Makes me want to cry, but I beat the game...I guess.