Reviews for "Orbitrunner"

Pretty good

Try making the area bigger


this game is a perfect example of "when games go horribly wrong" it has potential but, bad mechanics, for some reason the planets respond oddily to the "sun" they don't flow correctly with the orbit, this will hopefully be the only negative response i have to give on ng but this game was that bad


This game is terrible. You butchered the potential of this game with shoddy mechanics and controls. Try making a game that's actually fun rather than simply annoying next time.

Alright game

The concept of the game is awsome but the game itself is pretty hard and it is mostly because there isnt enough room to play in you need a bigger playing area to control the planets in.

Cool, fun, and original.

I really loved this game. The patterns the planets made were cool too. Sometimes the slapstick of planets crashing made me lol. XD