Reviews for "Orbitrunner"

omg so frikken awsome!

this game is really really fucken hard after lvl 15 shit i wanted to kill myself ffs!

Holy Piss

This game is awesome. Its great. Its only got one flaw.

It is fucking impossible.

I could manage to use no skips until level 8. From there its impossible.

Fitting music, cool idea, nice backgrounds, I liked how the stars all moved individually created a 3D type effect. It looked nice. Different planets and stuff, I can't say enough good about it. It looks great, its a cool idea, everything is cool except for the fact that I can't play it. I got to level 12 using all of my skips.

Ruined by difficulty.

Too hard. IDK what to do. I was dying on level 4. It's supposed to be a tutorial, but the planets collided. All I did was click, what else was I expected to try? 10 deaths in a tutorial is too many.

The style is nice, backgrounds, mustic etc. Also, it'd be cool if the sun has some animated effects going on, like rotation or bright and stormy spots, etc.

Sickeningly hard

This was an amazing game, but as you can tell from the reviews, people can get offended from the difficulty and not realize the games quality. I died bout 50 times by level 7 (and quit there), but it was still worth it. Since it's a physics based game I'm not sure how you might make it easier, but it would be much appreciated.

Interesting but tough

This game was fun at the start but once i got to around level 6-7 it got way to tough, but having to get used to the orbital strengths and patterns of movment was a nice puzzling challenge.