Reviews for "Orbitrunner"

I really like your idea..

...but just like everyone else I have to say its difficulty is really high. Some changes to the speed of the planets could help, like having them slow down when they get close to the sun.


I think if you made the game a bit more easier and control a little better then it would be more fun but it is to hard i got to level six out of pure luck that I got the spots where I didnt have to move to make it work and on lvl four i got it in the nick of time so mabye you could slow the planets down a bit.


This game was fun, however the game is too hard to get control of. Great game, work on the physics a bit to make the planets easier to control.


this game is way too hard. nice idea, terrible physics

Yeah about the gravity...

How come the planets can accelerate fast enough to move out of the gravitational pull by using the energy of that gravitational pull? I don't expect it to be perfect, but it may need some revision.