Reviews for "Orbitrunner"


this game suks


great idea and this game has a lot of potential to be good, but in its current state, it isn't. i was pretty bored after level 5 and simply found the physics unplayable. it seemed as though you needed to move the sun into the correct place immediately or you spent the rest of the level playing a dangerous game of tennis with the planets, and if they have moons thats almost pointless. Thanks anyway!

what the...

its a total waste of time i dont even know why i went on it

Very pretty.

DarkDerrik, died 15 times on the first level of the game? Dude...

This was fun, challenging, and enjoyable. Deeply satisfying when you could put the sun in just the right spot and just sit back and watch the pretty patterns emerge. Lovely.

Annoying, boing, and pointless.

It takes a lot to make me hate a game.
I hate this game.
The planets rocket off screen as if I had fired them out of a catapult if I so much as tilt the sun away from them.
If I move too close, the planet explodes.
When I die 15 times on the first level of a game, it borders on Ghosts and Goblins challenging.